Our professional trajectory began in 1986 as an insurance agency.
In 1996 we became a ¿correduría de seguros? Under the name of Ofitesec, S.L. obtaining the key: J-87GC regestered in the Dirección General de Seguros.

As we are a dynamic insurance company with a team of professionals in constant training, in 2002 we expanded our social objective and evolved into financial agents working with all kinds of products of inversion and finance.

We stand out for our personal attention analysing the products and companies that are most adequate for each risk and each client.

Our main office is located in Mollet del Vallès, with another office in Barcelona. We work both nationally and internationally.

We are members of the College of Mediators of Barcelona with nº 63766, which allows us to be in perpetual contact and actualisation of the actual market.

With your confidence we have obtained an important position in the insurance business, which allows us to grow and create an even better service. We work and maintain permanent and fluid relationships  with the first companies in the insurance market.
For Ofitesec it would be a great satisfaction that you enjoy your visit throughout these pages.